How to Graph with Microsoft Excel

Spectrophotometry Laboratory

1.  Open Microscoft Excel

Graphs 1-4 ( Blue and Yellow solutions )

Absorption Spectrum Graphs ( 4)

A boxes independent variable - wave length

B boxes dependent variables - % transmittance and absorbance ( O.D.)

  1. Skip Box A1 in Column A

  2. In box A2 begin to enter your data

  3. Start with the wavelength of 420 nm and go to 620 nm

  4. In column B, box, B1 write absorbance or % T

  5. Enter data into B column

  6. Select columns A and B

  7. Click on chart icon

Select Line Graph - This is the choice because you have a correlation between the two variables an important relationship betwen the light passing through the solution and % transmittance and absorbance

Go to chart options

Make a title for your graph

Choose labels for each axis

Go to finish

To edit Graph use the pull down menu.

For instance if you want gridlines, select Gridlines - it will give you a grid for major and minor axes

You can change the position of the Legend by selecting Legend

To edit Labels( Left Click and Change Font )

To edit Scale( Right click on your numbers on your axes and you will find edit axes)

To edit background - Right Click on Plot Area and Select Fill Effects to Change your background

Graphs 5-8


Independent variable -  Concentration of solution

Dependent variables- Absorbance and % Transmittance

Rainbow graph - Make a column graph

In column A enter wavelengths

Start with A2

In B2 Enter Colors in the following way

violet 5

indigo 10

blue 15

green 20

yellow 25

orange 30

red 35

Select column Graph

Follow directions for labels and Finish


Select White for color of columns

Print this graph and color with markers or colored pens