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  1. Animal-like protists
  2. Plant-like protists
  3. Fungus-like protists


Animal-like Protists

Phylum Ciliophora (Cilia bearing protists)

image41.gif (255480 bytes)

  • Large organisms ~305 micrometers long
  • Important features:
  • Have 2 nuclei
  • Macronucleus (large)
  • Micronucleus (smaller)
  • Feed by forcing H2O into Gullet forming food vacuoles
  • Excrete wastes through anal pore
  • Excrete excess water through use of contractile vacuoles.

Phylum Sporozoa

Plasmodia Lifecycle


Plasmodia inside liver cell


Phylum Sarcodina (Protists with false feet)

image43.gif (298848 bytes)

Plant-like Protists

Single Cellular Algae



image44.gif (166245 bytes)


Multicellular Algae

Red Algae 

Fungus like Protists:








Cellular Slime mold life cycle

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