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Types of Ecosystems

  1. Freshwater Ecosystems
  2. Terrestrial Ecosystems
  3. Ocean Ecosystems

Freshwater ecosystems:

Terrestrial Ecosystems:

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types & locations of biomes



  1. Tropical Rain Forest

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tropical rain forest

  1. Savannas

Precipitation 90-150cm/year

Open, widely spaced trees, seasonal rainfall

Parts of Africa, South America & Australia

3. Deserts

Precipitation 20cm/year

Dry, sparce vegetation; scattered grasses

Parts of Africa, Asia, Australia, North America

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  1. Temperate Grasslands
  2. Precipitation: 10-60cm/year

    Rich soil; tall dense grasses

    Central North America; Central Asia

  3. Deciduous forests
  4. 75-250cm/year

    Warm summers, cool winters

    Europe; NE United States;Eastern Canada

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    Temperate/Deciduous forest

  5. Coniferous forest:
  6. 20-60cm/year

    Short growing season, cold winters.

    Northern Asia;Northern North America

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    Coniferous Forest

  7. Tundra


Open; wind swept; dry; ground always frozen

Far northern Asia; Northern North America

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Ocean Ecosystems:

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