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Thousands of young people are seeking or will seek treatment for their drug
dependency. However, not many of them don't know about the dangers of drug
abuse until it is too late.

The Task:

Your job is to create a brochure which provides information about drugs. The project will be presented on a paper folded into thirds showing a total of six sections, three on the front and three on the back.  The requirements for each column are as follows:


        Possible nicknames of substance


        Slogan - a catch phrase discouraging use

        Your name

        Where the substance come from

        How it is made and any dangers in the process

        Legitimate uses, if any

        Specific organs effected by immediate use

        Long term effects of continuous use

        Legal consequences

        Social and moral consequences

        List of 5 statistics about the substance

       List of  2 places and phone numbers where you can go for help for abuse

       List of 3 ways to tell your friend "no" when they ask you to partake in the abuse




    Fill in under Drugs of Abuse or use pull  down to find your topic.

    Link on the green button Photographs for a list of drugs.

    In dark blue area pull down the list that says "Select drug name"

    or fill in the search area with your topic or in the light blue area on 

    "Information on Common Drugs of Abuse"                                     Substance Abuse


The Process 





Learning Advice   




The project will be worth a total of 50 points.

    Up to 5 points extra credit will be given for small pictures and graphics incorporated into the brochure!


Created by Mrs. Wightman, Science Teacher at Cherokee High School

Last updated June 5, 2001


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