For thousands of years humans have taken an interest in the patterns that the stars in the sky make.  There are 88 constellations; every star that we see is part of one of them.  The constellations are represented by stories out of Greek, Roman, Arabic, Chinese, and other mythologies. Constellations are landmarks toward which astronomers train their telescope to see deep space objects, such as galaxies, nebulae and clusters.  Messier objects are such objects seen in or near some constellations.  These classified objects are galaxies, clusters of stars, and nebulae.  For example, M1 is the Crab Nebula. 

The Task_______________________Your constellation


You are going to be assigned a constellation

You are going to research the science and mythology behind the constellation

You are going to make a children’s’ book about this constellation

The book will be due in class, on time, no extensions


Constellations: (You may use the links on the Constellation Web Quest on the Cherokee Media Center Web Page) Look under Web Quests.


The Process

1. Find the constellation on the web pages provided.

2. Select a story about the constellation from the stories you read.

3. Select the major ideas and themes in the story.

4. Modify the story for a children's book. (Must be “G” rated!)

5. Find or draw illustrations for the book( at least 5)

6. Find the two or three brightest stars in the constellation and add their names to the book with a brief description

7. Find the two or three Messier objects in the constellation

8. Compile the book, illustrate, and edit the book.

9. Design and decorate the book.

10. Present the book to the class

Learning Advice

1. Some stories will need to be modified to be appropriate for children.

2. Some constellations do not have Messier objects.

3. Some pictures can be obtained from the web or drawn by hand.

4. Illustrations should be numerous.

5. “Cutting and pasting” is considered plagiarism

6. Please edit and proof read.  Must not have spelling errors.


Grading- Mastery points:

1. Book must have a decorated cover with a title-------------------------                  10

2. Books must be age appropriate and interesting ---------------------                   10

3. Book must include the story of the constellation from the mythology  10

4. Books must have at least 5 illustrations inside-----------------------                     10

5. Book must have the Messier objects and brightest stars-------------    10

6. Editing, spelling, design, creativity----------------                                     10

    Total Possible                                                                                                       60points



Mrs. D. Scheinberg

October 2002